Thursday, November 1, 2012

Drums Must Not Stop

The other day after a memorial service for an old friend from Disney, some of the Disney people took me to a local restaurant for dinner.  Somehow this restaurant was the center of the lattice of causality that night, as various friends of ours accidentally stopped in including a mutual friend from the National Security Agency.

The establishment was a mexican restaurant and cowboy western bar and musical venue all in one.  It had some sort of mid-50s cowboy band from the valley and a height-challenged fan and amateur yodeller who performed a spirited rendition of "I wanna be a cowboy girlfriend" complete with extensive yodels.  Its very hard for me to evaluate the quality of such a performance.   But they were certainly loud.

So in the brief period between songs, when you could actually yell something and be heard, I told them my one music industry joke.
A man is in the jungle, accompanied by native guides. Off in the distance, somewhere in the jungle, a drum starts beating. The drum keeps beating, on and on it goes, day and night, over and over again, endlessly.   "What are those drums" he asks? The natives reply "Drums not stop."   The drums keep going on, hour after hour, beating, pounding, endlessly. "What are those drums?" he asks again.  The natives reply "Drums Not Stop! Drums not stop!"  Finally the man says, "I cant take this anymore, when will those drums stop?  Please tell me!"  The natives reply "DRUMS MUST NOT STOP!!!" and the man finally understands, he is in terrible danger.   Suddenly afraid, he asks desperately,  "Why? What will happen when the drums stop?"  The natives reply "BASS SOLO STARTS".
I think you might have to have attended rock concerts in the 60s and 70s to truly appreciate this joke.

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