Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Portrait of Nicki K at the VES Awards

There are several issues that are demonstrated with this picture of my friend, Nicki K, at the VES awards many years ago.

The first issue is that I am attempting to capture some sense of the subject's personality or psychology in these images.  Towards that end, such matters as focus or bright illumination are not terribly relevant.

The second issue is the overwhelming question of what is the proper place of photo-modification, sometimes called "photoshopping" and sometimes known as "wire removal", and sometimes by other terms in visual effects.

I think that there is a value in capturing these images in camera, e,g. with the qualities of such things as f-stop, exposure times, the decisive moment (e.g. when you take the picture) and so forth.  This image has not been modified in any form from its scan from the negative, not even for color correction.

It has been reduced in resolution to make it easier to view on the web.

In other words, the blur is naturally part of the picture.

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