Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Supporting Eccentric Ethnic Self-Identification

I think we should all be grateful to Rachel Dolezal, formerly of the NAACP, for the whirlpool of shit she has stirred up with this whole "identify as black" controversy.    I suspect that she is speaking for a small, but under-recognized segment of the world and American population who identify as something that they are not, at least not exactly.

In particular I want to bring to your attention a certain category of person who identifies as a member of an ethnic group that does not exist, in this case green people, particularly green superheroines, and ask you to give them your support.  As Kermit the Frog so famously pointed out, it isn't easy being green.

I have no idea who this is, but I am sure that she is sincere in her green self-identification.

Whether or not race technically exists from a DNA point of view, there certainly are differences between ethnic groups, differences that are perceived to be very important.  And how noble and self sacrificing that someone should self-identify not only with a small, and no doubt oppressed and misunderstood ethnic group, but actually to identify with a group that does not have any members, at least not on this planet.  At least not as far as we know.

How many such people are there out in the world?    Well, it is hard to say.  Anyone who has attended a science fiction or comic convention can testify that there do seem to be quite a few of these entertaining eccentrics.    I would like to believe that Americans will remember their historical tradition of embracing and accepting diversity and lend firm support to any woman in spandex who wishes to self-identify as She Hulk.  I also believe that we must extend this same privilege to men who also self identify as women who are green, although it is a little harder for me to be as enthusiastic about it, I can certainly agree with the point of view that it is their right.

I hope you will agree with me that our world would clearly be a better place if we had more such people.

At the same time I would like to bring to your attention a cultural resource of great value.  In looking for examples of green she-hulk representations, I noticed that most of them were hosted on a web site called "" which is an organization of people who create or collect, well, deviant art.   Its a pretty great collection, no matter what your interest, it probably has a group or two dedicated to it.  Another excellent resource the Internet has enabled.

There are many visions of She Hulk out there

She Hulk on Wikipedia

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