Saturday, October 15, 2016

The Standard Disclaimer


At various times when I write about topics far outside my recognized areas of expertise, such as the decline of the American Republic, I will make reference to this post, the idea being that it is a "standard disclaimer". Your mileage may differ.  Caveat emptor.  That sort of thing.

One of the purposes of this blog is to express my opinion on a variety of topics, many of which are outside my formal areas of expertise. I recommend that you see these comments as the sincere, if sarcastic, statements either of belief, or disbelief, or anger, or dismay, and consider it warmup for a standup comedy routine that will probably never exist. Standup comedy, it would seem, is one profession where a layperson can express their rage about events in the world far beyond their ability to control or influence and far outside their recognized area of formal expertise.

Readers may notice that I fail to adhere to the rules of Standard Marketing and Self-Promotion in early twenty-first century America.  Thats right, I am somewhat self-deprecretating on occasion.  I am sure people will use this against me.  I have no doubt, what else would we expect?

I am an impoverished, undereducated (BS and some graduate work) American from the South, a third-generation agnostic Reform Jewish Democrat from Virginia, who has a (some will think) inflated opinion of himself. I have some credibility in the areas of computer animation, digital production, visual effects, the history of computing and the Internet, and certain aspects about the history and circumstances of the Southern United States. I am an autodidact in a variety of areas and for a layman am fairly well educated in those areas, such as the history of the US military in various conflicts, certain aspects of the history of Europe and the Middle east, certain aspects of archaeology, and certain aspects of ancient history, particularly ancient Rome and parts of the Mediterranean, even though I would have no credibility in these areas in many people's eyes. I am held in contempt by a great number of my friends and acquaintances. I am very knowledgeable about what it is to be poor in America.

This is my standard disclaimer, or one of them. I hope you find whatever I write here to be entertaining, humorous, whatever. There will be some primary source material scattered in these pages for those who are interested in the history of computer animation and the history of Los Angeles in the 1970s and 1980s.

Thank you.

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