Sunday, July 8, 2012

Tom Brigham on a 4th of July Long Ago

In the spirit of the recent 4th of July, here is a picture of Tom Brigham on a 4th of July many years ago.  We are on the Brooklyn Bridge waiting to see the fireworks.  The lady behind Tom is his talented German artist girlfriend of the time, smoking, as always.   Among other talents and achievements, Tom is noted for being a pioneer of computer animation, an alumnus of the NYIT computer graphics lab,  and the inventor of "morphing" for which he received a technical academy award.   But I was particularly impressed with a capacitor he had in his Tribeca apartment many years ago which he was using for his audio research.  Most capacitors are measured in microfarads (e.g. a millionth of a farad) and Tom was showing me how long he could run his stereo entirely off the power from this one capacitor, which was, I think, well over 10 farads.   Now that is a capacitor.  I am proud to be one of several people to call Tom on the morning of Septermber 11th to tell him to get the hell out of his apartment which was and is located in trendy Tribeca.  You get extra credit if you know what Tribeca stands for.


  1. I used to work with Tom at NYIT, at the lab. I have been trying to get in touch with him but all Google leads seem to be dead ends. If anybody knows how I can contact him please let me know at misssuedoe(at-sign)gmail(dot)com

    Kill all phone robots!

  2. I was his animation teacher at RISD and I'd love to contact him, too.
    Kevin Linnehan