Saturday, September 8, 2012

Dan Weinreb (? - 2012)

I just heard that Dan Weinreb passed away after a long illness.  I was completely unaware of his battle with cancer, which is apparently how he wanted it.

I am completely in shock about this, and I can not imagine that DLW will not be at the other end of an email anymore.

I remember meeting DLW when he and Lee Parks and others came down from Livermore to see one of the Star Wars films, I forget which one. It might have been Empire Strikes Back. He was instrumental in getting me back to Cambridge for the Symbolics R&D open house all those years ago. He was a good friend and listened to my confusion and distress about my current unemployment although he did not know what to advise, except to suggest that I move back to Cambridge.

I remember when I worked at Mass Illusion, that he and Cheryl and their son came down to visit me in Lenox. I think I had run into them by accident in one of the towns in Western Mass. and we recognized each other even though we had not seen each other in more than a decade.

Here is a link to a testimonial about him at a company he helped to found.

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