Tuesday, June 28, 2022

I Was Wrong

As far as I know I am one of few people who admit it when they are wrong, and I have been very wrong in the last few years about a number of concerns involving our freedoms and our nation's government. I did not think that the supreme court would be this nutty. I did not think that the Republicans would actually stand back and let a sociopath try to overthrow the government and do nothing about it. I did not think "our side", which I guess has to be the Democrats, would be so stupid, weak and ineffectual. I really didnt. I thought it would be bad, but not this bad. I think there is an excellent chance that with the full destruction of the voting rights laws, and with the way our kindof nutty republic works, that the republicans will take full control in 6 months or so and that will be the end of that. As for me, I wont be surprised if I end up dead in prison for speaking out as I do. That has happened so many times in our fake democracy to people much more interesting and intelligent than I am. I do have some modest hope for the future, you cant listen to AOC or Elizabeth Warren or Bernie Sanders without realizing that there are some people much smarter than I am, successful people unlike me, who are on the side of truth and justice. I hope that you and your friends will also work to turn this country around. I feel like I have done everything that I can do, as pathetic and useless as those efforts may have been. Lots of people are going to be hurt but, in the long run, freedom will return, but it will be hard and painful. It would be nice to see you before the end.

Swine After Pearls



I understand now, "hate speech" means calling for freedom in an obviously corrupt and failed republic with an illegitimate government. Didnt they teach you at Harvard that the little people dont like to be condescended to? Some of them wont have it. I sincerely hope that you and your family experience the full impact of the right wing theocratic dictatorship that your actions and the actions of, dare I say it, weak people like you have brought about. The republicans are who they are, its the weakness and the stupidity of the democrats that have brought this about. So many people will be hurt because of "your" inaction and fantasies. I, no doubt, will be put in prison for my so-called hate speech and murdered there by our security forces, as has happened to people like me so often in our country's past.

Good luck to you.

Saturday, June 25, 2022

Global Wahrman is being Blocked / Censored

A friend at the Phoenix airport tried to reach my blog  (I guess she was really bored) and got the following notice.  This is good news because it means I am finally saying something sufficiently interesting that the right wing nuts who run our country (or our internet) found the need to block me.  First amendment?  Not for people like me, I guess.
It might be because she was using a Boingo-managed hotspot, whoever they are.

I am Shocked! Shocked!


I wonder how many democrats will figure out that this mishigas, Roe v. Wade, is 100% the democrats fault? The Dems could have prevented this anytime in the last 20 years. With a little luck this will mean the end of the democratic party as we know it. I have heard people talk about how since their vote doesnt matter and that since lots of people will die over this, why not take out a few senators and justices (so called) too? They are just blowing smoke. Americans are slaves and its time they realized it.

I like this article.

Female Chain Gang

Saturday, June 11, 2022

Democrats! Dont Forget Your Poor Constituents!


Its pretty obvious, the factions contend and they rely on their constituents at key times to do such things as show up to events, put on armor and attack the jews, or contribute to campaigns and do bake sales. Thus a leading Roman citizen would act as patron and in return his "clients" would walk around town with him to show how much the people loved him. But woe! Woe! Do not fail, oh patron, to deliver for your clients with bags of food or whatever it is you are contributing to each, in full measure, and prorated by their value to you in your quest to be elected magistrate of the local town, for whom you erected that lovely fountain in the center of our forum. Even with all your clients you may still fail at the so-called "fair election" of the white men of property by other white men of property, but at least you will have a chance. But if you are stupid like the mainstream Democrats then you will fail to deliver, deliver anything.... anything at all. Their president would not let a week go by without doing something for his people, whether that was to insult native americans or nominate a right wing nut to the supreme court. But our president and his wimpy administration cant even pretend to do anything but instead waste time squealing about "bipartisan" and "its not our fault" but thats not how it works and you have the power. It was your nominee to the Justice Department that failed to follow up on that silly independent investigation by whats his name, so lame I dont even remember his name. But now that statute of limitations (what a joke) has passed so another opportunity is lost. You cant even ship ammunition to Ukraine, you lame idiots. So why therefore should we vote for you? Why? At least the Republicans get something but Biden just lies there limp, and looks at the ceiling while we all get fucked.


Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Faction Theory of Government

There are various theories of government, about what makes a good government or how a government works or about when it is appropriate to change a government, and so forth.  In this post we discuss the "Faction Theory of Government" but remember all models are wrong but some models are useful.

The "Faction Theory of Government"  models government as a variety of factions, one or more of which seize control or partial control, and attempt to deliver for their constituents policies that hold to key shared values. Most if not all factions claim to represent the will of the people, or the great traditions of the roman republic, or the proletariat, or the white christian way of life given that jesus is going to be here soon, or the way of the Huron of the Great Lakes, or whatever, and sometimes they do, at least the way they see things. But at the end of the day, if the people who are supporting a faction believe that their leaders are not delivering what they have said they will deliver, then change is in the air. For example, if it is the duty of the leaders to put on the war paint, grab the sacred spear, and lead the wolf clan in a war against the hated ancient enemy, kill their men, steal and rape their women, and give the holy offering of the screaming sacrificial victims to the greatest of all gods, Baal Optimus Maximus, then that is what those who would lead must do.  But those leaders that fail the Gods will endanger "rta", the order of the universe.  Then another faction will rise up and lead the people on the path of righteousness.  The Republicans understand this very well, but the Democrats not so much. To choose another example, "The British give me 20 gold guineas a month, but I myself am poor, because I am a river to my people!" but of course Anthony Quinn was not telling the whole truth here, but he was telling some of the truth and delivering, monthly, a lot of british gold to his vassals.

Of course this is a very brief description of a nuance-filled theory of government. It is not about good or bad in some objective sense, it is about whether a faction is serving its constituency sufficiently that they can retain power. In some cases it may be that all that is required is sincerity of purpose, but generally factions need to achieve results as those results are defined by that community the faction claims to represent. No faction is perfect. But some leaders seem to get complaisant and think that the rules do not apply to them and then it is proper and correct for them to experience the "threefold death" and a new god king, or faction, to arise.

There are many examples from the last 2500 years or so of western history that can illuminate this model.  I think it works pretty well.


The factions contend for the honor of leading the people!

Friday, May 27, 2022

What I Learned from Davos


I watched some of the Davos 2022 World Economic Forum sessions and this is what I learned.  
First Globalization is a total success and if millions, even 10s of millions of Americans are impoverished or destroyed, the rest of the world couldnt care less.
Second, the Russian war with Ukraine is a European matter and outside of Europe, no one really cares, they just dont want it to affect the price they have to pay for things.  Of course they will do business with Russia, who cares about genocide?  Not them.
Third, China is the country that matters now, the US is decidedly second rate and obviously has a failed government.  The US is still considered to have a strong economy and military, second to China of course.
Fourth, no European thinks that they could possibly deal with Putin in the future. The rest of the world doesnt care.
Fifth, no one thinks that Finland and Sweden joining NATO will really be a big problem for Russia.

Wednesday, May 25, 2022

We Must Remember to Thank Putin


Who else but Vladimir Putin, the bringer of peace, would have been able to unite NATO? Who else would convince not just the European countries but any small country near a large neighbor like China to increase their military budgets? Who else could have terminated any hope of reducing the American military budget? None but Vladimir could cause the whole world to hate him and Russia and convince the world that madness still reigns at the highest levels?
Now what would Mahan say? That nation that controls the sea will rule the world? Time for the US Navy to clear the sea lanes of the Black Sea to end the extortion and let the grain be delivered to the hungry?

Sunday, May 15, 2022

Understanding What "Originalist" Means



As you know there are many elements of the current political situations(s) that I dont understand or perhaps incompletely appreciate. Certainly I am not at all concerned whether the debate over an originalist interpretation of the constitution is political or not, of course it is. Not even a stupid moron could doubt that. My problem (well one of them) is that I dont understand what the originalist position actually is. I want to try to understand the originalist position better and nothing I have read has helped me much. So lets take the 2nd amendment, which is apparently more important than issues of racism or the right to vote among our fellow citizens.

A well regulated Militia, being necessary to the security of a free State, the right of the people to keep and bear Arms, shall not be infringed.

1. What is a well regulated militia? Whatever it is, I am pretty sure that it never was intended to be a bunch of yahoos forming vigilante squads to shoot at whoever they want whenever they want because "they need killin". To the best of my knowledge, militia's were self generating (unlike for example a regiment which usually had a designated officer responsible for raising a body of troops), but even so I am pretty sure that they were sanctioned (or not sanctioned) by official authority. Yes, no, maybe? Therefore outside of a "well regulated whatever" why does this amendment even apply?

2. By "state" here, I presume they mean the individual states & commonwealths, e.g. 13 of them. Not the federal govt, or did they mean the federal govt?

3. I am not sure what "arms" means here in an originalist sense. Are we talking about unrifled muskets, presumably flint locks or similar technology, muzzle loaded? How about artillery, which in this case would mean muzzle loaded single piece unrifled cannon firing shot or metal balls, those are certainly arms. It would not be an originalist position to say this refers to rifled, semi automatic, weapons which are wildly different in capability to a flintlock. If we are interpreting the constitution to refer to "modern personal firearms" then that would have to include antitank and antiair weapons as those are every bit as much a personal kinetic weapon as updated to our times. Certainly a modern semi automatic hand gun would not be considered to fall under this amendment in any originalist sense as the handgun as a useful technology pretty much did not exist at that time.

So which is it, original or interpreted?

Monday, May 2, 2022

Piddles Has Children!

We think that our friend Piddles has had children.  Amazing what pistachios will do.