Sunday, September 8, 2013

Request for Information About the Origin of the .OBJ Format

I am looking for information on the origins of the .obj 3D object format.  By the time I had arrived at Robert Abel & Associates in 1980 or so, it was already in use for our vector production system which ran on E&S Picture System 2s.  

My question is where it came from originally.  I had thought that it was indigenous to Abel's, but several people have told me that it wasn't and that it originated with Evans & Sutherland.  This makes sense but I have not been able to confirm it.

The reason I am so interested is because I think I was instrumental in extending this horrible format into raster graphics.  Its a long story and I want to get all my facts straight first.

If you know, or know someone at E&S I can talk to, leave a comment here or email me.  Thanks.

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