Tuesday, April 2, 2019

Note to Andy Who Lives in Berlin


We have all had to self-medicate, each in our various ways. Perhaps when we read the glamourous histories of our favorite artists living through exciting times it did not occur to us how terrifying it must have been for them. And now for us. They may have indulged in wild sex, taking mistresses or lovers, writing short stories and plays, but we all do what we can. I write my blog, and I review the great movies of old, particularly involving the marvel cinematic universe. I read light-science about evolutionary behavior but avoid cosmology because it gives me a headache.

You are lucky to have excellent workers rights in Germany. And our friends Bart and Kimball are now in New Zealand. Dale Herigstad and Soren Ragsdale now are citizens of Great Britain. Many other friends and colleagues live in Vancouver or Hong Kong. Is there some hint I should be taking here?

You can not imagine what it is like to wake up every day and have to read about the crimes and insanity of Trump and the Republicans. The nightmare that would not end.

I am on edge to see Avengers: Endgame. They are doing a great job of hiding what will happen in this movie.

I just watched the FBI and the Dept of Justice betray America. Its really hard to come back from that.

Creation of the Humanoids! Terrified me as a kid.  I cant wait to see it again.  Yes, it is the small cultural contribution of Youtube.

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