Sunday, April 14, 2019

Its Called A Coverup (stupid)


At the end of the day, people get the government they deserve.  The "guidelines" say that you can not indict a sitting president.  Really?  Who says?  Oh, the DOJ says, OK fine.  But the rules say you can not release publicly evidence of a crime if you are not going to indict.  Well, that makes a little more sense.

So if Mueller does not indict because of the rules, in spite of the obvious evidence of collusion, treason and obstruction, but then you do not release the evidence so that people can see what is discovered, well that is called a coverup.

Even if the report is released in full, which it will not be, the fact is that the FBI betrayed their country by failing to indict the treasonous piece of garbage that is Trump, his family and his enablers.  At the end of the day, the system failed and the country failed with it.

And those who make excuses for the system are enabling Trump.  That includes you, Nancy Pelosi.  You failed and took the country down with you.

Thanks, thats great, I really appreciate that.  Now people will attack me (the few who care) and say that I am wrong because I am angry.  Yeah, well, a little.  But mostly its not anger.  Its disgust and contempt.

Have a nice day, but the children in cages separated from their parents wont.  The men and women murdered in pain because of Gorsuch wont.  Kids, black, white, green or otherwise will grow up in an oppresive society. Poor women wont be able to get an abortion legally.  Pruitt went nuts destroying the environment but you didnt have the guts to stop him. 

What did you do to try and stop these people?

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