Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Feral and Venom in Santa Barbara


I am walking to my local pharmacy, CVS.  I go in the back way, talking on my phone, as usual, in this case about superhero movies and stereoscopic conversion.  I say that some of these movies are too dark to be great in stereo and trying to think of an example, someone says "Venom".

She is working in the back of the store, attractive some would say, that is if you like hot, slender women with 1/2 " hair that has been bleached white, skintight jeans, ritual scarification, and excellent knowledge of the Marvel superhero cinema.

We agreed that the relationship in Venom between the antihero (youre a loser, eddie), the ex-girlfriend and the symbiont ("I like her."  "This may be the last chance you might have to apologize to her") is charming.

Her name is Feral.  She talks to me three different times while I am at the store.  I practically run away.  When was the last time I actually talked to a non-gender specific girl type person who I might ask out?  Long, long ago, in a different life.

I hope she works there, I might be able to see her again.

If I was in a playwriting class, I would write this up as a skit.

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