Thursday, October 18, 2018

Roberts Claims the Supreme Court will be Independent


Roberts claims that the supreme court will be independent of politics and just do the right thing. See for example see this article in Politico.

But he is, of course, lying.  Remember, it was Roberts who voted to put their right wing thug, George W. Bush into office over the obviously elected Al Gore.  The ostensible reason, if you recall, is that there can not be bad delays in determining this vote.  Oh, really?  No voting rights for this court, I suppose.

But now today when we have overt voting rights suppression in at least Georgia, Florida and N. Dakota, notice that the Supreme Court does nothing.  The legitimacy of the election system is being challenged in a very real and overt fashion, but the Supreme Court does not act.  Why not?

Could it be because this suppression helps the right wing Republican Party exert their control over the majority?  Could it be that the right wing thugs on the Supreme Court are just playing the partisan game and just paying lipservice to the idea of doing the right thing?

As of Kavanaugh and the huge number of right wing thugs put at all levels of the Federal Judiciary, justice is over in this country until these people are impeached. Let me repeat that, in case I was vague. There is no justice in this country until further notice.

Which leads to my first platform promise: if elected, I will work to impeach all the right wing thugs put on the judiciary by the Republicans and replace them by honest lawyers who have the country's interests at heart.

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