Sunday, May 27, 2018

99 cent store


I walked home from the train station, and found the local 99 c store. It was packed. I gave $7.00 to a beautiful homeless child outside. Maybe 17 years old. Collecting flowers. We discussed the bag of oranges she was planning to buy. She smiled at me. I hate this country.

Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Finally Saw Last Jedi


Finally saw Last Jedi. The art direction & visual effects are certainly very good. Lots of good things to say about Snoke. I could see Luke going mad on that island and being apostate, maybe. But ultimately, no, it felt cynical. I did not believe that their heart was pure, I think it was all about making a buck. I look at the marketing in which the stooge, I mean the director,talked about what a fan he was. Yeah, well, maybe, whatever. I dont buy it. The diversity stuff felt cynical to me. If they donated the money to charity, I would go with it. otherwise forget about it. The dream is dead and died long ago.

In contrast, I felt Black Panther was far more sincere. What is the point of doing movies of this type if their heart isnt into it? I mean, why bother?

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

This is the Fate of All Traitors

Alan Dershowitz is a traitor. At a time when this country is on its knees, betrayed by the Republican Party and the piece-of-fucking-garbage Trump, it was Dershowitz who stood up and stabbed Mueller in the back.

One of several things will happen.

Perhaps Mueller will endure and bring down the Republicans and their traitorous president. In which case, Dershowitz will die, alone and despised.  Or perhaps the Republicans will establish the Fourth Reich, Dershowitz will realize that he has betrayed his country and commit suicide in despair.  That would be a happy ending, but not so happy for all those he had murdered.  Finally, if he doesnt have the guts to kill himself, the internal security forces will probably kill him anyway, as that is what they do, generally speaking, with fellow travellers that they can not trust.

But one way or another, when this country needed every man and woman to stand up for liberty, it was Dershowitz who worked to destroy the forces fighting for freedom.

Fuck you, Dershowitz.

Tuesday, May 8, 2018

Note to Duncan Hunter 05/08/2018


Its been a while since I have emailed my elected representative, Duncan Hunter. I thought he might miss me so I sent the following note.

Message Text:
Dear Rep Hunter, One side effect of the Republican party's loyalty to Trump is the realization that many Americans have that Republicans can not be trusted to defend the Constitution. The last 15 months have proven that beyond the shadow of a doubt. This means that no senior military leader or court justice can be a Republican. Good job, Hunter. You guys really screwed it up. You have betrayed your country and however this works out you will take the blame. I am disgusted by you. You do not and never will represent this citizen. The best thing you could do is resign. Sincerely, MW

Sunday, May 6, 2018

A Big Shout Out to Karl Marx on his 200th Birthday


The 200 years have just rushed by and before you know it here we are. What a surprise, Karl, what a surprise. Who would have thought all those years ago that you had something to say. That a spectre was haunting not Europe but America. And the spectre was of greed, oppression, lies and racism. Who would have thought that the workers need to throw off their chains after having them reattached while everyone cheered.

The real turning point was when I read some stuff you wrote all those years ago about Globalism and what it would inevitably lead to and every word you wrote was dead on.

All our politicians do is lie and steal and fuck. They fuck us of course, useful whores that we are. So very tight. So happy to be useful to the Koch Brothers and Shithole Trump and Gorsuch and the Republican swine.

Come back Karl, we miss you.

Thursday, May 3, 2018

Songs of Depression and Despair

I am listening to more music as I work and pack my house.  I really like cheery songs about depression, despair, betrayal.  Send me your recommendations or put them in a comment.  

Please dont let me be misunderstood
The weight
Heartbreak Hotel
Turn my life down
One way out
Down and Out in Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again
Feeling Alright?
Sixteen Tons
Mad World
I cant get no satisfaction
Lonely at the Top
But not for me
Suspicious Minds
Nobody knows you when you are down and out.

Make suggestions!

[We already have suggestions such as The Whipping Post by the Allman Brothers Band, and Ball & Chain as covered by Janis Joplin]