Friday, April 28, 2017

FB Game of Musical Acts


On Facebook, one of the viral themes that is going around is to name 10 musical acts you saw live, but only nine of them are real. The tenth is fake. Your friends have to pick the fake one. Yes, its stupid. But I did it anyway. Here is the list.

Randy Newman
Frank Sinatra
Jean Luc Ponty
Miles Davis
Neil Young / CSN / CSN&Y
Jefferson Airplane
Hot Tuna
Alicia de Larrocha
Red Bone
Leaves of Grass
Rolling Stones
Grateful Dead

The answer is Alicia de Larrocha who was playing at Carnegie Hall the week that I was moving from NYC to Los Angeles in 2001. The Leaves of Grass was my brother's garage band in High School in Richmond, Virginia.

By far the most entertaining of these acts (or the two most entertaining) was Randy Newman and Neil Young. 

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