Friday, January 6, 2017

Trump Stupidity Season 1 Episode 1: The Diplomat Affair

Now that Americans have, with Russian and FBI help, sortof elected Donald Trump, the Uber Cheeto, to be POTUS, we can expect a lot of crap, both real and symbolic But how do we keep track and remember each great moment?  I, your humble blog author, will selflessly keep track of those events, those episodes if you will, that define this nutty-boy's reign. Although there could be many events already on this list, we are beginning with this one.

I think that this could be an outline for a fake reality show.  In other words, in the style of a reality show, but with actors, a sitcom meets reality show, so to speak. So we start with the pilot, "The Diplomat Affair". 

All political appointees resign at the end of one President's term when an administration changes. But in order to provide continuity in foreign affairs, it is traditional for the current Ambassador or other ranking State Department diplomat to stay on until his or her replacement is appointed and approved. Then the new Ambassador arrives, the old one leaves, and the new one presents his/her credentials to the host country.

But not for Donald. He wants those Obama assholes out of there RIGHT NOW. So no continuity. Its the iron first of the Fuhrer. Lets show the world just how petty we are right up front. Of course, what do you expect from a POTUS who has no experience?  He is just applying the normal rules of business to diplomats.When you fire an employee they clean their desk and are escorted out of the building by guards. Out on the street, motherf*cker, and don't come back!  

Thank you, Donald, for being such an asshole and trying to destroy America in the eyes of the world.

Oh no, Donald Trump is not spiteful.

Clean your desk and Leave 

In Break With Precedent, Obama Envoys are Denied Extension Beyond Inauguration Day

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