Wednesday, December 2, 2015

A Prayer to Climate Change

This is a not altogether successful attempt to write a prayer with a little of that great Old Testament, prophet of doom, feeling.  It is from the heart.  I am sincerely tired of waiting for Global Climate Change to arrive, and I think it is a great opportunity to wash away some of the evil in this world.   So, bear with me as I let loose with a little venom.

(Raising my hands to heaven)

1. Invocation

Come, climate change, come now.

Bring forth the rising tide of the oceans of Your vengeance. Wash away the cities filled with the deniers of Truth. Bring down upon the world Your wrath at the biped mammals filled with greed and sin and corruption.

2. Justification

They deserve to personally experience the results of their actions and their failure to act.  It is the people who are living today who deserve this punishment.

They knew what was right and wrong and they denied the evidence of their eyes out of greed. They used their power to defeat sane discussion of the issues and defeated efforts to solve the problems before it was too late.

3. Punishment

They deserve to see the oceans rise and their cities washed away.  They deserve to see the continent wide movement of refugees who flee drought and the tragic wars that result.

El Nino, my Brother, wash away the tears of the mothers of the student-teachers, all who were killed by their politicians who serve Mammon.

Fire from the heavens, burn away the corrupt flesh from the cities of Santa Ana and Los Angeles who have violated their oaths to imprison the innocent.  Destroy these corrupt politicians in whatever city or country they exist.

Release the carbon from the oceans.  Crush the glaciers into ice cubes and allow the fresh water to change the ocean currents.  Outgas the methane hydrate from Siberia and release new greenhouse gasses into the biosphere.

4. Conclusion

Now is the time.

We pray for the catastrophes to cleanse the world not 100 years from now or even 100 months from now but now.

Forgive us for our impatience but look with favor on our plea.

Every day we hope for the tsunami of shit that is your vengeance to wipe away these scum and leave the world pure as it once was.


For those of you who are not up on your biblical curses, Mammon has a variety of meanings, but is considered to be one of the angels serving Lucifer.  


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