Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Scientists Propose Force Feeding Brains to Right Wing Sufferers of Dementia

Scientists have discovered that a New Guinea tribe that routinely ate the brains of their human enemies not only did not suffer from horrible Prion-caused dementia, but actually developed genetic immunity to this tragic brain-destroying disease.

“Quick action is needed to bring this immunity to other members of the human community”, says Dr. Filbottom of the East Saxon Community Medical Center, who was not an author of the study. “Since clearly our political right wings the world over are suffering from a form of dementia, denying evolution or global warming, by forcing them to eat human brains we can potentially cause them to develop an immunity to their debilitating and life-threatening disease that causes so much hardship and destruction in the world. We must act at once to force feed them brains if necessary in the hope that they will also develop this immunity".

The proposed treatment is to begin with neoconservatives and inject into them mad-cow infected brain particles.  "Just imagine we had this treatment a few years ago, the whole second Iraq war might not have happened at that huge cost of lives and money which did no good.  We must begin this process at once and hope we are in time to save us from other delusions of the right wing demented.  They need our help."

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