Saturday, May 23, 2015

Introducing Siberian Times and News of Massive Musk Oxen Baby Boom

When I despair of reading news of interest in our provincial and boring news media, I remember that often the most important news is local, and through the events in the lives of people in these fascinating and foreign venues the real humanity of the world is revealed.

Furthermore, when our major news outlets are so humorless except for especially selected “humor providers”, some of the people of the world recognize the odd situation they are in and play on it, usually with a straight face.

Such is the case with the very interesting and somewhat remote Siberian Times (

Whenever I have visited the Siberian Times over the last few years, perhaps every six months or so, I have been rewarded with a series of articles and topics that are interesting and often well photographed.

Musk Oxen in a circle

In the current instantiation, we have articles about a baby boom among Musk Oxen, the secret mating rituals of rare Siberian leopards, an analysis about whether a recent meteor was shot down by a helpful UFO (with excellent comments), an excellent pictorial about a Siberian coal mine and an alarming article about out-of-control pond scum on Lake Baikal.

Comment about the Space Brothers

I have added the Siberian Times to the list of selected news media.

Musk Oxen

Secret Mating Rituals of Siberian Leopards

UFO / Meteor Discussion (see comments at end)

Secrets of the Universe to be Sought from Lake Baikal

Down in the Siberian coal mine

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