Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Internet Advertisement Shocks Viewers and Advertisers Worldwide

In a shocking advertisement placed before a trivial news story for the British Daily Mirror viewers were subjected to an unexpected video.  Although claiming to be an ad, the short film presented in a calm voice without any hype information about how to use a popular spreadsheet program in a new and useful way. There were no flashy graphics and no helpful links trying to entice the viewer to go to another web site. It was simply a short informative film with a helpful technique.

Advertisers throughout the world were outraged by this violation of all standards of public decency. “They may have well as slapped every advertiser in the face with a dead fish”, said Bill Plotnick of the International Brotherhood of Advertising and Commerce, “Advertisers everywhere were stunned by this gross violation of protocol”. “Advertisements are meant to be intrusive and obnoxious”, he went on to explain, “that is how they attain their value. If we don't have potential customers cursing us with foul language we know that we have not done our job”.

Testing has revealed that viewers actually watched the controversial video all the way through instead of clicking on the “Skip Ad” button further raising hackles on Madison Avenue.

“This sort of thing has to be stopped at the source, “ said a spokesman for Turid, Turid, Turid and Snap, an Internet advertising agency located in Zurich and New York. “Governments must enact legislation to prevent this from happening again and the perpetrators of this stunt fined or arrested.”

When asked if the Department of Justice would file a complaint in British courts to stop the rogue advertisement, officials there declined to say more than they were investigating the situation.

Daily Mirror Homepage

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