Sunday, January 4, 2015

The Case of Daniel Chong: DEA and DOJ Work Together

It is often said that US Government Agencies can not work together well.  Here we have a case where two agencies, the Dept of Justice and the Drug Enforcement Administration, which is part of the DOJ by the way, worked very well together in order to hide an unlawful arrest, torture and attempted murder through negligence by the DEA. has published on their website a FOIA response in the matter of Daniel Chong. Mr Chong, a student at UCSD, was falsely arrested by the DEA, thrown in prison, told he would be released, and then held without food or water, in handcuffs, for the next five days where he was discovered by accident in a holding cell, unconscious and near death, and rushed to a local intensive care unit. Someone, we do not know who, called various Department of Justice (DOJ) hotlines describing the situation and informing the DOJ of the situation.

Mr Chong did survive. Several investigations were held, he was given a chunk of cash, and the DEA and the DOJ attempted to suppress the matter. No one from the DEA was in the least bit reprimanded, nor dismissed, and the Southern California Attorney General office declined to prosecute for “lack of evidence”.

You may read the FOIA document at

Here are some obvious questions after reading the report.

1. Why are the names of the DEA Special Agents blacked out?

An innocent citizen was falsely imprisoned tortured by starvation to within an inch of his life and nearly died. Why do we, as American citizens, not have the right to know which of our public servants perpetrated these apparent crimes?

2. For what reason have the people involved not been dismissed from government service?

At the very least we can say they were grossly incompetent and criminally negligent.

3. Why have criminal proceedings not being brought against these people?

The statement of “lack of evidence” is not the least bit credible. From the description of this case, there would seem to be ample evidence of criminal negligence if not malicious intent.

4. How do we know that others have not been tortured by the DEA and possibly murdered. What assurance can you give us that this is a one time anomaly?

Since by all appearances the DEA and the DOJ are covering these crimes up, it gives me no confidence that it has not happened before and is likely to happen again.

If the US Government wants to be given the benefit of the doubt regarding matters that an informed citizenry can not truly know about, such as the NSA matter, then it is all the more important for them to come clean on matters that we certainly have the right to know about.   Very clearly gross incompetence led to the torture and near murder of a citizen and the Attorney General's office does NOTHING?  

Wake up, DOJ.  Its time to do your job and apply a little justice to the matter.  Do it.  Do it now. Or do not be surprised when in the future people do not believe a word you say and assume that you are just lying.

It is nice to discover that DOJ and DEA can work together so amicably in order to repress justice showing once again that there is often a silver lining if you look for one.

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