Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Cost of Medical Care in N. San Diego County Compared with Manhattan

When I compare NYC with N. San Diego, well, there is just no comparing. NYC just has architecture, culture, museums, music, theatre, mass transit, universities and stuff like that. But N. San Diego county has actual golf courses and cheap mexican restaurants!

Do not confuse N. San Diego County with San Diego.  They are an hour away from each other. One is a nice city, very pleasant, with a lot of Navy.  The other is a central California agricultural region with no center, very little art or culture worth speaking of, and a bunch of chain shopping centers that are connected by highways. There is not much here and mostly the young people gnaw at their leg to get away.

But it has golf courses, so of course it must be very expensive to live here, and it is.  San Diego and N. San Diego County has the highest power costs of any metropolitan area in the country outside of Hawaii (remember Enron came from here).  The citizens think that they are living in some fabulous dream community, but they are not.  Its just a silly suburb with nice weather if you like that sort of thing.  The air, I admit, is clean.  

NYC has very high real estate costs and unions and infrastructure to support and a lot more.  N. San Diego has medium real estate costs and no unions, its a perfect Republican heaven or nightmare.  

As you know, I manage a chronic but not life-threatening medical situation and the way the federal government and our medical professionals arrange things, if there is any schedule screwup, you have to pay the expense of an emergency room to get your medication.  I could explain this to you but frankly it would just bore you and you would not really believe it until it happens to you.

Suffice it to say, I visited an emergency room in NYC and one in N. San Diego County within a year of each other to comply with their bureaucracy.  In each case, I had my blood pressure taken, talked to a doctor for 3 minutes, and got a prescription and a stern warning for which they should go fuck themselves.

The Hospital in NY was NYU Langone Center a world class medical center.  The hospital down here was the Palomar medical center, which seems nice but is not known for anything.  

Want to guess which one was more expensive.

One cost $175 and one cost $400 for this service.


Thats right, San Diego is so fucking pretentious and full of itself that it charges $400.  Whereas the world class hospital in one of the most expensive cities in the world charges $175.

Isnt that just fucking great ?


NYU Langone

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