Thursday, October 16, 2014

US Govt Still Denies Secret Nazi Base in Antarctica Leads to Hollow Earth

When it comes to conspiracy theories, the Nazi's clearly won the war.  Whether it is the secret Nazi mission to the moon, the escape of Adolph and Eva to South America, or the CIA work on the anti-gravity drive reverse engineered from the flying saucer that the Nazi's found when it crashed in Germany, a conspiracy theory with National Socialists immediately has a certain cachet that the others just can not approach.   The Underground Tunnel people and the Chemtrails people must grit their teeth in envy whenever they see the other nutty-boy theories flash a swastika, a graphic design they could never hope to be able to approach or surpass.

But with so many conspiracy theories to choose from, many of them overlapping and/or apparently conflicting, how can we know which theory to lie awake all night worrying about? Can our conspiracy theories work together or must they always be at each other's throats, a zero-sum struggle between mutually exclusive plots to destroy freedom and force us all to get socialized health care?

At Global Wahrman we advocate a unification of many disparate conspiracy theories to incorporate a National Socialist subplot combined with the accusation that the US Government acting through its UFO-hating CIA is trying to hide the truth.  This technique has the promise of taking a run-of-the-mill conspiracy theory and transforming it into a truly rewarding conspiracy theory that covers all the angles.

What attributes would such a maximum conspiracy theory, an uberconspiracytherorem as they might say in German, have?   For my money, its the conspiracy theory that combines the romance of far away and unknown places such as the Antarctic, with the all-season glamour of National Socialism, the hidden in plain sight Hollow Earth, inhabited by incredibly wise and powerful alien races, all hidden by a cover-up by a venal and power-hungry secret society that has taken over the government. The icing on the cake will be some sort of formal, academic paper that tries to pour academic scorn on our theory thus proving that the government is indeed trying to cover things up and suppress the truth.

We have evidence of such a coverup-in-progress with the paper by Summerhayes and Beeching which attempts to debunk the story of a Nazi secret base in Antarctica.

How can these two respectable adults deny that the Antarctic has been used by the National Socialists to create a secret base?   If it weren't true, why do they deny it so adamantly?  What else do they have to hide?   Perhaps the real secret lies in the Nazi base which may turn out to have been built atop the passage to the hollow earth.  Or perhaps instead of an immortal race of benevolent immortals with unlimited sources of energy, we find an ancient city built by an outcast race of elder gods not unrelated to Cthulhu?

Then all we would need to add to that is a secret society whose purpose is to keep the truth and thus the great power it confers to themselves, and we are pretty much all the way there.

I call on Summerhayes and Beeching to come clean about how they were coerced by this secret society and forced to lie about the esoteric knowledge that was revealed to them when they personally explored the abandoned Nazi base so many years ago, a visit that revealed to them an unspeakable horror that even now the world is not ready to hear.

The first three pages of the report

Pretty cool design for the expedition badge

You may read this scandalous suppression of the truth in its entirety here:


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