Wednesday, January 29, 2014

The Acquisition of Deepmind and the Humiliation of the Proletariat

A recurring subtheme of this blog are the silences that occur when the author melts down into a puddle of indecision and/or rage at his failure to transcend mere poverty and the mediocrity of his society and achieve some financial and intellectual standing. Eventually I come out of my pique and return to writing productively. (1) But in the meantime I am harrassed and annoyed by example after example where those more intelligent and more capable individuals and teams demonstrate over and over again just how superior to me they really are.

This outrageous behavior on their part is no doubt personal and reflects their deep and inexplicable hostility towards me and towards my otherwise blameless and even exemplerary existance. Why do they behave in such an outrageously successful fashion if their only desire is to humiliate me? We do not know but we do know that they do it very well and over and over again. Bastards.

A recent case of abject humiliation occurred when Google purchased the three year old company "DeepMind" for roughly $575 million dollars (US). Yes another University professor took a leave of absence and with a couple of friends started a company which in three years they flipped to Google for a little under $200/million per founder.

Why would Google spend so much money for a company that has no revenue and could not possibly have generated much intellectual property? Why not? Maybe they did it for the great logo that Deep Mind has which is all we are permitted to know about their company.

You gotta love this logo.

We at Global Wahrman would like to apologize to my readers for the delay in posting to the blog, but it is to be expected as long as outrages like the Deepmind acquisition keep on happening.


The Proletariat


1. ... instead of unproductively as has been the case in the last week or so started in part by another interaction with the State of California. You gotta love the State of California, they are so much better than we are.

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