Friday, October 11, 2013

Is Anyone Home at Khronos / WebGL ? Hello ?

Is anyone home at WebGL / Khronos ?   I mean, does anyone work there?  Or is it just a front from some sort of criminal organization or venture capital firm that is involved in corporate fraud or something similar?

Maybe, if someone does work there, they could get them to update their documentation, so they do not waste everyone's time?  

About two years ago, a flaw was found in WebGL security and a fix was implemented by Google and Mozilla that completely broke using texture mapping.   There is a work around it for those who want to use texture mapping, but it requires implementing something known as CORS and most people have not.   So bye bye texture mapping.  Who needs it anyway?   No problem.

However, isn't it odd that Khronos and WebGL don't say a word about this on their web site?  Its been over two years since this was broken and they don't mention it once, nor is it mentioned in the few tutorials that they have on their web site that happen to be about texture mapping.  So the question is, what are those people thinking?  A few words on the topic could certainly have saved me some time.  Of course WebGL makes it clear, your time doesn't matter to them.

There is more misinformation out there about WebGL then there is genuine up-to-date and helpful information.   Good old internet.  Gotta love it.  Bold new paradigm, you know.

See how Perlin noise adds a certain grunginess to our rocketship without using texture mapping per se.  Hey, I have an idea!   WebGL could have had noise in specification instead of making everyone implement it on their own.   Oh, that would have been too much trouble, I guess.

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