Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ubuntu Linux Now Controlled / Owned by the People's Republic of China

For those of you who care, Ubuntu Linux is now for all practical purposes owned by the People's Republic of China. I doubt very much if you care, but since we are in a war with the PRC (an undeclared one), the PRC will be putting a variety of trap doors and other compromises into the system. Now the fact is that it is very unlikely that anyone who reads my blog is going to be doing anything serious for national security, which will no longer be able to use Ubuntu, so it doesn't really matter.

Of course if you do proprietary technical work, you should think twice about using Ubuntu Linux because pretty much any Chinese hacker can get access to it.   Of course that might be true using any OS given all the energy the Chinese put into stealing intellectual property.

Just thought you should know.

Here is an article that goes over the public elements of the deal.

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