Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Did Space Aliens Fix my Scion XB ? Mercury Retrograde and Other Issues

Mercury has just gone Retrograde again and it will stay that way for approximately three weeks.  I know that some of you do not believe that there is a lattice of causality that underlies the apparent coincidences of the material world, what Jung called "synchronicity", but he was a fool ! He never listened !   

Anyway, I have a story here which should convince even the most doubtful of you that cosmic energy forces must be at work, even if we do not completely understand them.  (I am joking of course, see note 1)

In a previous post we discussed the mystery of Reverse Mercury Retrograde Syndrome which says that the victim will spend most of the year unable to communicate or get much done but that when Mercury goes Retrograde, he / she will suddenly be able to communicate and get things done, things will start working and so forth.   And in this example, we described a case where cosmic energy forces manipulated me into a meeting with the relatives of a very colorful friend.   

You laugh at this superstitious belief, but just wait.

The following is a true story.

Understanding this story requires that you accept that I am *reverse* mercury retrograde, e.g. in this time period is when things go *right*.   

In the last Mercury Retrograde, I was at UCSD to file my paperwork to get a new passport as UCSD is by far the most convenient place for me to get this piece of official business done.  So I am on this beautiful campus, far away in a corner where some outlying administrative buildings are kept. As I come out of the passport office and approach my car I see a person in a pickup truck examining it. He asks me, am I the person with the Scion XB who needs his windshield replaced?

Well, in fact, I do have a Scion XB and it does have a cracked windshield, which I have not gotten fixed for a year because I simply do not have any money for it (sure I have the money, but one of the features of poverty is that you do not deal with problems that are easily solved because you do not know where the next check is coming from). Yes, I say, but I didn't order a new windshield. He looks at his form, he shows it to me, it is not my name, but it is someone else with a Scion XB who ordered a replacement for his windshield and he works in one of these out-of-the-way admin buildings in an obscure corner of the UCSD campus and had made an appointment for this nice person to order the part from Scion and come by at this time to fix his Scion.

In other words, a nice car repair person just happens to order a part for my car, the exact part I need, and delivers it to UCSD in the exact 2 hour period that I am on the UCSD campus (the second time in my entire life that I have ever been on that campus), at the exact place and moment that I am walking to my car (otherwise I would never have even known about this), but it is not for me.

Could this be just a coincidence or did space aliens arrange for the windshield to be there?

Carl Jung's Astrological Chart which must be relevant to this whole discussion in some mysterious way

I would not know how to even begin to calculate the odds of this happening.   People do not just drive around at random with replacement windshields for my car just in case I happen to need one.

Thats the sort of thing that happens to me when Mercury goes Retrograde: cameras start working mysteriously, a friend offers me a project, people appear out of nowhere with spare parts for my car that somehow they knew that I needed.

When the lattice of causality is on your side, any door can be opened, any windshield replaced, any obstacle overcome.

But when the lattice is against you, well, its best not to think too much about that.


1.  The funny thing about this, is that in fact it probably *is* just a coincidence.  But what are the odds and how would we calculate them?  What this really means is actually something more interesting but explainable/rational than Mercury Retrograde, something along the lines of:  our lives contain examples of "miracles"  (as defined by extremely small chances of occurring) but they probably occur because we are constantly rolling the dice, we just don't notice it.  This is not a new idea, but it probably needs more discussion than I have done here to make it comprehensible.  I admit it, cosmic energy forces or conspiracy would be the more amusing explanation.

2. In a Facebook discussion with Ken Cope, Ken pointed out that many people do not realize that Mercury does not go backwards, that this is apparent motion which is a result of the elliptical orbits of the planets around the sun.   But what is also interesting (to me at least) is that in the 3rd Century BC, if you observed the sky and did not realize about elliptical orbits, and just reported what you saw, you would describe a dot of light that appears to regularly move in a path in the sky, but then from time to time reverses direction, then resumes its original path.  That part was not superstition, that is what they observed, and you could observe it too, and predict when it would happen.   Astrology may be wrong as an explanation of phenomena, but in general it is based on real observations made as best they could at the time.

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