Saturday, June 8, 2013

SIGGRAPH 2013: Rejection is So Annoying

I really hate being rejected. I hate it just about as much as anything. Dont they realize my genius? Dont they know who I am (or at least, who I used to be)?

The latest rejections of course are from SIGGRAPH.

Almost a year ago, I write an essay about some things that I think SIGGRAPH needed to address, or at least think about. I send it to as many people I know who I think might be interested, including, indirectly through friends, to the Executive Committee.

You can read it here:

Terrence Massan was very positive about it, and forwarded it to the right people. But very little response back. I heard two comments. The first was "Who is this guy?" How soon they forget. The second was a response from someone who suggested that I volunteer. Well, I try and try to volunteer but nothing ever seems to work.

You see, I can't even give it away.

I must be so worthless, so uninteresting, that they can not think of a single useful thing to do with me, although I volunteered at least a half dozen possible ideas to see if they were interested in any of them, and they were not.

And yet I know that my SIGGRAPH "Topics for Discussion" essay is the most popular thing on my blog. It gets hits everyday, lots of them. So someone must be reading it, perhaps.

So many of the problems I identified before are still there, from my point of view, or worse, and I think that there is much more that they can do.

Now maybe I will discover that in fact, they have had endless discussions on these topics, but I am just not in the loop, nor do they want me in the loop, and I will just discover how much progress they have made at SIGGRAPH. Sometimes, still waters run deep.

But because to me they just look like "still water", I will write another memo, suggesting more clearly what I think they should do about some of the issues I brought up. My thinking has evolved as has the situation. I will also write up why I think it is SIGGRAPHs responsibility to do some of these things, at least arguably.

Also, I think I need to run for the SIGGRAPH Executive Committee and get that out of my system. I wont have any trouble writing up a position statement, that at least is comforting.

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