Wednesday, May 29, 2013

From Capitalist Pigs to Communist Pigs ?

The Red Chinese Communist dictatorship is trying to purchase an important pillar of the Commonwealth of Virginia's economy and culture, Smithfield Foods, for 7.1 billion dollars through their transparent Commie front company, Shuanghui International.

For those of you not blessed to have come from Virginia, we are the home of Smithfield ham, and there is nothing more Virginian than a biscuit with Smithfield Ham at Waffle House or a similar center of culinary excellence.

To a good Virginian, Smithfield ham is as important as soft-shelled crab from the Cheasapeake Bay, right up there with motherhood and Apple Pie.

Sold down the river to the Communists ?

Will good Virginians allow American ham technology to be transferred to the Communist war machine?  Will Virginians enjoy working for their new Communist masters, as this company is one of the pillars of the Virginian economy?    How will the incredibly right wing state legislature enjoy having lobbyists from Beijing in their hallowed halls threatening to destroy employment in the state if Virginia does not start approving China's foreign policy adventures in Washington?  Will Communist soldiers be eating Smithfield ham while they mow down freedom-loving protesters in Taiwan?

Where will it stop? Will Waffle House be next?  I may be a vegetarian, but I am also from Virginia, and I say, no, they must not pass.  Today Smithfield Ham, tomorrow the world.  They should have stopped Hitler at Munich.

I call upon all good Americans to oppose this alarming development and keep ham biscuits American.

The article from the Washington Post is here.

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