Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Linux Enhanced Precision Firearm Experience: Sniper Rifle Goes Open Source

Now open source operating systems, lasers, image processing and firearms are combined into a single consumer product: Tracking Point has a new rifle that integrates various techniques to increase the accuracy of your average sniper / long range rifle user.

What I want to know is whether this will run Ubuntu and whether one will always have to constantly upgrade the OS or "be left behind". I would hate to update the OS on this thing and have a problem, you know what I mean? Ooops, sorry, didnt mean to shoot you!   Ha ha.  Sorry about your dog.

Whats the upgrade system on this distribution?  Yum ?  Apt ?   How do I know if the file system is reliable, is it journaling or using ZFS ?   Has GLUT been ported to this platform?  What kind of boot loader does it use?   Are we talking LILO or GRUB here?   How can I get to the shell?  I wouldnt want to have a sniper rifle for which I could not get to the shell.

Does Open Source Software have a role to play in homeland security and national defense?  I would hope that surveillance cameras, unmanned drones and personal nuclear weapons would all run Linux and presumably Apache.   That should teach a lesson to those liberal do-gooders who thought that Open Source was going to change the world.

Read about it at Ammoland

Here is the video which describes what they are doing:

And of course, each rifle comes with a WIFI hotspot to foster communication between itself and other weapons peripherals.   


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