Tuesday, April 16, 2013

A Message From Our Sponsors

I have been trying to maintain a steady stream of posts to this blog, about 20 - 25 a month, but I have slacked off recently.

There are about a half dozen or so typically sarcastic posts that have been written and which are ready to be posted, and I may get around to them eventually.  But the reality is that I thought it was time for me to get a little more serious here and get around to discussing some of the themes that this Blog was started to discuss.   There is enough material here already that it makes sense to refocus and get back on theme.

We have good and bad news on the career front.  The good news is that I have a small, but amusing, project that will take about 1/2 my time for about 6 months.   It is enough so that I can pay my bills without going further in debt and that is terrific.  And it is fun and will no doubt result in my learning a lot.  If nothing else I am already relearning Java which I haven't used in many years, not seriously.  (1)

But at the same time, the bigger issues are all left unresolved and as time passes, these issues become more and more critical.  Not that they were not critical to begin with.

Thanks again to all who have kept in touch with me and to those of you who read this blog.  I appreciate it and I hope you find it entertaining and occasionally informative.

A final special note to my recent sponsors: Dave Coons, Josh Pines, Mike Deering, Nick Palevsky and Ken Perlin.  Without you guys, things would be much, much worse.   I appreciate your help.


1. As an aside, I find that reading a programming language like Java or Python is much easier than writing in it.   I always find that surprising, but I don't know why, its pretty obvious why this should be so.

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