Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Vast Thinking Vegetable Discovered on Mars! Scientists Attempt to Cover Up Truth!

On Oct 13, 1912, two and a half years after the approach of Halley's Comet to the earth, the Salt Lake Tribune's Sunday Section astounded the world with the announcement of a discovery on Mars of a giant thinking vegetable containing a single enormous eye.   You would think that such a discovery would have been published everywhere, but no, clearly the government in Washington wanted to suppress the truth because not only was the article not published anywhere else, but they even went so far as to issue flat denials.

Why is our government so intent on repressing news of the alien intelligent plant?  Is it perhaps because they want to hide the peaceful intent of the citizens of planet earth but co-opt the innocent plant into plots and intrigues our government has here on earth?

And why has the venal, untrustworthy scientific community not revealed this outrage against knowledge, why have they gone along with this conspiracy to repress the truth?   Perhaps they are not the selfless "searchers for truth" we thought they were.

I have reproduced this stunning article in its entirely as reported on the internet at the web link below.  Please spread the news as far as you can.  I wonder if our evil government isn't planning to spray DDT on this innocent and peace loving citizen of the galaxy?!

Original article is here:

Here is the pathetic response from some toady at the Lick Observatory trying to spread scorn on the article and so suppress the truth.

We must demand a full-disclosure of everything involved with the Giant Intelligent Vegetable from our government at once.  I hope you will join me in this crusade.  I will investigate what is involved in a FOIA request over the next few days.

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