Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Predicting the Next Pope: Atlantean Crystal Wisdom Makes Shocking Predictions

[Addendum: now that the Pope has been selected we can see that the Wisdom was correct about items 1 and 4, the jury is out on 2, 3, and 6 and item 5 is a n/a.  So we are 100% so far with more to be seen in the future]

The Roman Catholic Church is picking a new Pope. Whenever this happens, the Western news media loses its mind a little bit as do many other people who, even though they are not Catholic, seem to know all about this and have plenty to say about who the next Pope should be, and why, and what they should do.

I feel it is time that I, as a student of the esoteric knowledge, who has been trusted with Atlantean Crystal Wisdom, reveal to you what I know about picking a new Pope and indeed to peer into the future, misty though it may be to make some predictions. Even now, I feel the cosmic energy forces collect, the gray wall begins to disperse and I see many things....

 The future becomes clear ... 

1. The next Pope will either be a Hasidic Rabbi or a Roman Catholic !

Yes I can see him.... he is ... a Catholic!  The next Pope will not be a Radical Nun or Richard Dawkins or a Jain, as interesting as those various religions and religious types may be. He won't even be an Orthodox Jew, although that is a funny thought. Nor will he be a secular businessman or politician or even Brad Pitt called to the cloth in these desperate times. He is going to be a man, within a certain age range, who has spent a great deal of his adult life, if not all of it, working within the Western (e.g. the Roman Catholic) church.

2. The next Pope will be a Serious Man Who Believes Things You Don't !

Oh my God, the Crystal Wisdom predicts that the next Pope will not be a white liberal Protestant who only thinks what we want him to think.   Thats horrible!   Yes, I think it is likely that the next Pope, or for that matter any Pope, is going to say things you don't want him to say. I recommend you lighten up about it, because there is nothing you can do. The fact is that not only is he going to be a Catholic, he is going to be a serious and dedicated Catholic and there are lots and lots of things such people study and worry about and you don't. So go ahead and get upset if the next pope reminds you/us that Europe as a concept came into being as a result of armed warfare with Islam. He is/was 100% correct and it was an interesting thing to say. Whoever the next Pope is, and whatever he does say, it is likely to be outside your experience, unless you have spent many years studying the theology of the modern Roman Catholic Church.

And you thought Black Tie was annoying

3. The next Pope Will Fail to Disavow Pauline Christianity !

Now the Crystal Wisdom is being cruel.   It has revealed the bitter truth.  The next Pope is not going to turn his back on the last 1500 or so years of Pauline Christianity.   He is NOT going to change fundamental doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church in spite of the nice letter you wrote him.   That means no women priests, a rather negative opinion on birth control whatever the faithful may actually do, and at best a pass on homosexuality in the church. The Church  does have major theological issues to deal with here but they will do so in their own damn time and at their pleasure if they do so at all.  So the Crystal Wisdom reveals!

4. The next Pope will have some elements of being an Italian / Vatican insider as well as being a member of the international scene in some sense.

In order to be functional, the next Pope must have experience with the Vatican hierarchy and organization.  Whether he be from Zimbabwe or the suburbs of Rome.   And that means that he will have some history about something you do not like about the church.   Whether it is an opinion you do not like or a position on a scandal you do not like.  The odds are that you will find something you do not like.

5. Whatever Papal Infallibility Means It Probably Doesn't Mean What you Think it Does.

So don't worry about it.

6. The next Pope is NOT the Antichrist.  Trust me.

I know you have weird beliefs about the end of the world, and how Satan will occupy the Vatican and make all children have 666 on their foreheads and shit, but I have looked into the future and I see that the time is not yet. Be patient. The end of the world is coming, just not now. The Crystal Wisdom has revealed who the AntiChrist really is but the time has not come to reveal his Identity.  And no, it isn't President Obama or Hilary Clinton, so calm down.

I know its disappointing, but Obama is not the AntiChrist either.

It is pretty clear that the Pope is one of those "jobs" like the President of the United States for which finding the right person is nearly impossible because no normal human could possibly be up to the challenge, and because it would be difficult to build a consensus of what constituted a good solution anyway.   There are several levels here of both success and failure, from pure inspiration and brilliance to sheer disaster and with merely competent being in the middle and the most likely.  The Pope only has so much power, contrary to what you may read on the Internet, and the organization he nominally heads has a lot of momentum of its own.   

This is all that I am shown, the Atlantean Crystal Wisdom now grows dark.

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