Monday, March 25, 2013

All Six Star Wars Episodes Simultaneously

[Update: As of 3/27/2013 this film has been taken down by Youtube ....]

Someone has taken all six Star Wars and put them side by side and playing simultaneously. There are several things about it that are interesting.

Obviously we have all noticed a parallel structure in the Star Wars movie, involving events that lead up to two types of battles that form the climax of the film. One of the battles is on a macro scale and involves hundreds, usually thousands of people, and the other battle is a personal battle involving two or only a few people. There may be more than one of these two-people conflicts in a single film. Revenge of the Sith, for example, features the climactic battle between the Emperor and Yoda and the battle between Obiwan and Anakin.

I think it is also interesting that there is a Star Wars color palette that changes over the films and that it is usually possible to guess which movie it is from that alone.

Here are some screenshots from the six Star Wars at various times in the film. Unfortunately, I forgot to note the time of each, but at least they are sequentially in order relative to each other.

See the complete version with all six films here:

There seems to be a bug in blogger that keeps me from adding more pictures to this post, but you get the idea.   At the bottom, the shorter movies are ending and the longer ones continue for a time.

Of course there are many more things we could say here, we could compare the films and discuss which ones were satisfying and which were not, and how much George knew about them when he was doing the first one.   Or maybe the question should be "When did George know".    There are different stories here and different theories.   I am in a minority in that I believe that George did know certain things from very nearly the beginning.  He may not have known most of what was to happen, but I think he did have an idea of who Darth Vader was relative to at least Luke, and probably also to Leia.   Beyond that, I am not sure.

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