Sunday, March 10, 2013

Modern Historically Correct Computer Phonetic Alphabet

v 0.1 Beta  3/10/2013
[in progress]

Tired of being told words over the phone that you can not spell correctly and have the person on the other end fail to enunciate what they mean and too lazy to use an approved phonetic alphabet for voice communication?  Then consider the following new, rationalized, technology appropriate phonetic alphabet.  The words suggested below are intended to be highly redundant and recognizable words that are unmistakable for any other word on the list, and either have some value in a computer historical sense, or allow the speaker to get out some of their frustration using good Anglo Saxon idiom.

Each comma separated phrase is as good as another, there is no particular expressed priority between the terms. In other words, Burroughs is as good as Burnout.

A -- Alpha, Alphabet, Analog, ASCII, ARPANET
B -- Burroughs, Burnout
C -- Collossus, Channel, Cantaloupe, COBOL
D -- DEC, Dogshit, Data General, Digital Equipment Corporation
E -- Echo, Enigma, EBCDIC
F -- Fuck, Fuckit, Fucking
G -- Geheimschreiber
H -- Hacker, Honeywell, Hollerith
I -- Idiot, IBM
J -- Jerk
K -- Kernel
L -- Lemonade, Lichtenstein
M -- Moron, MIT
N -- Negative, Nebula
O -- Ohbaby, Orion
P -- PDP, Penis, Process, Punched Card
Q -- Quasi, Quack
R -- Ramo, Rancid, Rogue
S -- Stupid, Spacewar
T -- Turing, Teletype, Tron
U -- Ubetcha, User
V -- von Neumann, vector
W -- Woolridge, Whirlwind, Washedup
X -- Xray, Xanadu
Y -- Yessir, Yes Maam
Z -- Zebra, Zork


Bolt := Burnout Ohbaby Lemonade Teletype
Scumbag := Stupid Cantaloupe Ubetcha Moron Burnout Alphabet Geheimschreiber


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