Saturday, October 20, 2012

Mysterious Booms Part 5: Additional Information

For those who were interested in the series of posts I wrote on the logic and evidence behind the phenomena of the "mysterious booms" that have been heard in various parts of the country, here are a few relevant pages on the Internet that I have come across.

The first is an article by Alex Roth for the San Diego Union Tribune. It is the only well-written piece of journalism that I have found on this topic outside of the "Mysterious Aircraft" section of the Federation of American Scientists web site.

It is at:

The Wikipedia page on "Unexplained Booms" which contains many events I had not known about:

The final article is a report from Las Vegas on the topic of sightings local to Nevada:

All three cite events that I was unaware of when I wrote my posts.

My previous four posts on the topic are at:

Other links include:

An interesting article on the TR-3A and some speculation on the THAP and other programs

I suspect we will find out what has been going on in a few years.

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