Monday, October 1, 2012

A Tree Falls in Los Angeles

The following story is mostly true, just slightly abbreviated for impact, so to speak.

A few years ago a person was killed while sitting in his car waiting for a street light to change. I didn't know him, I just read about it online. At the time, Los Angeles was having a particularly bad case of the Santa Ana winds, and things were being ripped apart all over the city, and one of the worst dangers is that an older tree or branch will be torn off and smash into something and that is what happened here. To avoid this sort of thing is the reason that the city and local communities send out units to trim older trees while everyone complains that their favorite tree is being mangled. The city tries to prune the trees before something breaks off in a storm and hurts someone and then they get sued. Obviously they missed one.

The man was sitting in his car waiting for the light to change near the Sepulveda dam, out in the valley, and BANG a tree dropped on him without warning and killed him.

So I told a friend in Los Angeles this story. "A man was waiting at a street light in his car," I said, "and a tree fell on him and killed him."

"Oh my god!", said my friend. "Thats terrible! What kind of car was it?"

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