Thursday, September 20, 2012

Noteworthy Pun About A Noteworthy Mutant

It is rare indeed to come across a really good pun by which I mean a pun that can work on multiple levels, and still be somewhat cheesy.   I came across the following example on the Discovery.Com website in an article by Tim Hall about a three-eyed fish found in a pond in Argentina that is notoriously fed by a nuclear reactor.

Tim suggests that instead of being known as a "fishin' hole" it should be known as a "fission hole".

I think that this demonstrates the kind of spirit and originality that made America great, once.

As for the issue of whether nuclear power is safe or not, what is unsafe about a three-eyed fish? These environmental tree-huggers are being overly precious here, I think.  Who would not benefit from having a third eye?

The mutant fish that inspired the author is below.

See the original article in its splendor here:

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