Saturday, September 1, 2012

Android Notes: Cameras, FTP & Development Environments

A friend and I are goofing around trying to figure out how to write something for the Nexus 7 tablet. I am writing about it not because I have anything all that interesting to say, but because it may be useful to someone else trying to to the same thing.

1. In order to take pictures, you need to download an application, it doesn't come with the tablet. I downloaded the free Modoco applet, and it works fine. Yes, it is awkward to try and take a picture with the camera on the front, you have to angle it in a funny way to see what you are doing. The pictures are just ok, which is all they were ever intended to be.

2. In order to get files on and off the tablet, I downloaded the WellFTP server. It defaults to an ftp port of 2121, which is non-standard, but ok. I am using gftp on Linux and filezilla on the Windows XP, and they can both talk to it simultaneously. All user data on the device seems to be under the DCIM folder. You should set up your wireless router to assign a static IP number to it in order to make things easier to use. This is all under "LAN Setup" in your router's control panel.

3. There is good news and bad news about the Android development. On the one hand it is highly tied into Eclipse, which is one of these deeply disturbed development environments for children, or perhaps development environments for disturbed children. Its a real pain in the ass and frankly, as documented, it doesn't work. But you have to have one of these if you, Google, want to play in the mainstream and have the morons, I mean the developers, develop applications for you. You can spend days figuring out which version will play well together with which version of the android development environment, or you can, YIPPEE, use the command line interface. Just use the command line interface. It is much more productive.

4. In a later post, I will publish a "hello, world" applet. It is pretty ugly, imho.

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