Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Graphic Films and the 1964 New York World's Fair

I believe that the peak of American civilization was at the 1964 New York World's Fair, and that sadly  it has all been downhill from there.  The reason for this is that, plausibly, that was about the last time American's could believe such things as (a) technology was unambiguously good and in the service of mankind and (b) that America was on the side of right in all that they did in the world.  Our strength was as the strength of ten because our heart was pure.

But whether or not that is true, I am doing research on the films associated with the fair and the production companies that made these films, in particular Graphic Films of Los Angeles.   Graphic Films was in its day one of the central nodes of the graph.  A place that anyone who was interested in that kind of filmmaking tended to end up.  Robert Abel and Associates was such a place a decade or so later.   Alumni of Graphic Films include Con Pederson, Douglas Trumbull and Robert Abel, and I am sure that there are many others.

I am mentioning this on the chance that someone who reads this blog knows something about these topics, and possibly has access to materials associated with them.  Or just knows something about the history.

If you do, please contact me so I can ask you questions.

Here are some images and a link to a brochure about the underground family home, one of the attractions of the NY World's Fair.  I am pretty sure that when the Fair was over that this attraction was covered up, and that the family is still down there, waiting.

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