Thursday, July 19, 2012

Secrecy & Special Forces in Africa

Nick Turse has written an interesting article about America's work in Africa to build up transportation infrastructure, and he complains vigorously about the secrecy which with it is done.

See his article at

Although I do not agree with most of his concerns which I think are straightforward paranoia, I do think he has a point about the secrecy, but maybe this is something he has not thought through.

If the various Special Forces missions in Africa and the related infrastructure was debated openly in America, I bet most Americans would be against it.  We saw what happened when we tried to help feed Somalia and keep them from killing each other.  Americans were not only killed, but they were mutilated and dragged through the streets.  Ok, its their country and they did not want us there.  I understand that.  So my point is, why are we spending money to help them now ?   I think that there are a lot of people in America who could use some foreign aid and infrastructure support, there is no need to go to Africa to spend that money.

So yes, in this case, lets end the secrecy and have a debate.   I don't think the result will be what Nick Turse actually had in mind, though.

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