Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Photoshop, What Planet are you From ?

One more time, I tried to do a picture in photoshop and found it completely unusable.  I wonder what planet it is from?  Whatever planet it is, I am not from there.    I realize that there are billions and billions of biped mammals who love photoshop, but I am not one of them.   Badly documented, badly designed, does the wrong things, has the wrong defaults, it goes on and on.  Also one of the most successful programs in the history of computing.   Oh well, its too bad.   I will probably write my own paint program just so I can have something to use that makes sense.

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  1. Michael -- you are beyond correct here. Someone, perhaps one of your neighbors mentioned below, should take it out back and put it out of our misery. I wish it would drown in the maw of its own complexity. Or, to use the example of the place you took me to and for which I am ever grateful, a special corner of the La Brea Tarpits should be dedicated for these dinosaurs of code to toddle into. Well, I am mangling enough metaphors. I'll buy your alternative!

    BTW, living in a state where fireworks are legal, you may want to re-think the below. It GOES ON FOR DAYS and they that use them most are not going for the dainty sparklers but the loudest ones available. As late as possible seems to be the rule of thumb when igniting these shells designed to make the returning vets comfortable at home. At least if they have guns there is a better chance they will shoot each other. Just keep out of the woods, bring the pets in and keep your fingers crossed.

    You go, guy!