Wednesday, December 4, 2019

The Role of the Peaceful Protest in American History


I reviewed the bonus march because I wanted to know more, specifically what the bonus marchers did to incite the response and what result they had. What I learned was both a surprise and not a surprise. The only thing the bonus marchers did was to refuse to go away and die. They were then murdered, treated with contempt and overwhelming force, and then slandered from the highest office in the land. Their march accomplished nothing. Their service, loyalty and the justice of their cause meant nothing to our government.

The only thing that made a difference was that FDR won by an overwhelming margin and the fact that they needed soldiers for the next war. Had the margin not been overwhelming, FDR would likely not have won because as we know, in general, and on the margin many of our states do not have free and fair elections. Had the war not happened, probably nothing would have been done for the men, in fact, I am still not clear on whether or not anything was actually done for the veterans of that war.

Therefore, those who want change should know that a peaceful protest will only generate contempt on the part of the government. If they expect change, it can either happen through an election if you believe you have fair elections, or violence.

Bush/Gore, Clinton/Trump, the Republican voter purge atrocities, and the right wing supreme court failure to address gerrymandering proves we do not have fair elections.

What does that leave?

Sunday, November 24, 2019

Notes to Tom and Ken Re: Letters of Reccomendation


I am writing up notes in the next few days that may be a decent guide to those who would write a letter of recommendation for the incredibly worthy but underrecognized Mr. Wahrman. I will try to keep it simple. You should know that I have agonized over this for several years, because it annoys me to lean on my friends, all of whom are busy.

Two preliminary notes: 1. I am only going to apply to a few schools to begin with. One CS PhD program (impossible to get into) and one Art MFA program (merely difficult to get into). This is because I want to ease the workload on the two of you and because I dont have a clue what I am doing. 2. I have not yet asked my third reviewer, because I dont know who to ask. Two possibilities are (a) a professor of urban studies who has known me a long time and (b) a person who is one of the more famous entrepreneurs in online learning, but without specific academic credentials (although she has taught at famous art school(s) in the past). If you have an opinion, let me know.

Thank you,

Email to Carl about Mushrooms, Medication, Pies


I recognize that you have some sort of mushroom expert on hand, but I am still nervous about this. There are many examples in history where some mushroom toxin has been used in assassination, are you sure there is no one who wants you dead? Maybe you could use a food tester? The deaths by mushroom (mycocide?) are all very ugly and painful. I am unable it seems to cook a pie that results in a perfect crust that does not also undercook, slightly the filling. Too much filling? Needs to be precooked? You need to be careful around me regarding the availability of so called easily available drugs/medications. I have been victimized for the last 20 years on this subject, I lied, 30 years, and all sense of humor has been beaten out of me. Show me the beef. If its easy to get, then get some, and I will be forever grateful. Yes, I know, the dark net. Maybe I will be driven to try that and pretend it was for journalistic purposes. Its too bad our country has failed and we live in a right wing dictatorship. Its too bad I totally failed at my life. Maybe I will do a few more pictures and write a short story or two before I fall over dead. BTW, the short story next up involves spores and its working title is "slaves of the hive queen". Nice, dont you think? Will you visit me in jail?

Monday, November 11, 2019

Is "OK Boomer" Ageist?


In a word, yes.  I understand that many of the things wrong in this world came from people who are of the "boomer" demographic.  But we did good things too, and I really dont want to be dismissed because of the accident of when I was born.

I think my response to this will be "Laugh while you can, punk".

Traitor List One


We dont know where this is all going, although I think that the die is cast in the short run.  But we do know, and we can say authoritatively, that the following people are traitors and need to be removed.  I presume that means legally, but I dont know what that means when you dont have free elections and you have nutty boys on the supreme court, etc.

Brett Kavanaugh, Lindsey Graham, Matt Gaetz, Devin Nunes, Mitch McConnell,  Jim Jordan, Chuck Grassley, Kevin McCarthy, and Rand Paul.

Saturday, November 9, 2019

Bored, Bored, Bored


I have grown weary of this charade.  If they havent gotten rid of Trump by now, and if the Republicans are not already in prison, then what use is my party?  Incompetant, ineffective, weak.  I doubt there will be violent revolution as the FBI should be able to keep a lid on that and besides I doubt the progressive forces in America have the guts or the skills to do anything.  Yes, it could be worse, that is true.  But dont expect me to have any faith that this country will do anything reasonable with these maniacs and get back on track.

We had an opportunity to be better than this.  We could have done something good.  But we didnt, and that moment is gone.

Thursday, October 24, 2019

How Happy The Trump Supporters Must Be


Every time a child is murdered and their body thrown into a dumpster by ICE.  Our own little Gestapo!  What America stands for!