Friday, January 15, 2021

Oh Columbia! Oh!

Though they may defecate in the hallways of your sacred justice and put their perjuring attack dogs on your most supreme court, they do not realize that without a legitimate process the opinions and judgments from this perverted court mean nothing and have no power to command.  
The American People will rise up and defend you.  They will defend the will of the majority against this minority of pernicious conspirators!
We are coming, Columbia!  We will defend you! 

Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Explaining Twitter's Ban of Trump


A friend of mine, Seth Haberman, is concerned about the free speech issues of Twitter banning Trump, who is an obvious criminal and murderer, from Twitter.  This was my response.

I suppose I should be pleased that people are trying to think about, and take seriously, such issues as freedom of speech, but I suggest you are overthinking it. Twitter supported a right wing criminal, bully and compulsive liar as long as they could, doing exactly what the Right told them to do. Then, when Trump gave that ridiculous speech and the rioters attacked the capitol, I suspect that Twitter's attorneys told their client to run for cover. Their position was and is legally weak, and the corporate sponsors knew that there was going to be a backlash from their users, from their advertisers, from voters, and from Congress. Twitter waited to the last possible moment that they plausibly could, I think they deserve credit for that. I am not sure what the final straw was, perhaps the guy in the horns, or the policeman who was murdered with the fire extinguisher to the head, or the MAGA folks defecating in the hallways of Congress, or maybe because a big part of their user base was hopping mad? Or maybe, like deVos, it was nothing of the sort, they just waited to the last minute to jump ship, at this point it is every person for themselves as they try to dodge the inevitable criminal indictments and civil lawsuits. I think it is nice that you and Merkel are concerned about the bigger first amendment issues, but I wouldnt worry, the right wing supreme court will keep things as they are. This decision was a pure CYA and had very little to do with ethics or free speech. That is and will continue to be just a superficial cover for the usual maneuvering for power and money.

Monday, January 11, 2021

Explaining Amazon's Action About Parler


Amazon removed Parler from their cloud after the riots on Jan 6, 2020, thus putting Parler offline, at least temporarily.  Well, it was a good move, but before people think that Amazon is therefore a company of character, lets review some background here.  This is a good example of why the riot changes everything. 
The fact is that Parler was wildly egregious about "violent content" before the riot. But also of course Amazon did nothing whatsoever to restraing their behavior and the riot was significantly promoted and planned on that social network. Amazon wanted the money and they did not want to be accused by the right wing traitors of persecuting the right, part of the mythology of right victimization, even though they are not only not victimized, they are given extraordinary and extralegal protection they do not deserve. But now that the right attack on democracy and the us government legitimacy has been made explicit, Amazon has to act or become both liable for anything else that happens but also has to face the wrath of the shareholders. In other words, this is not an act of principle, or even of a company obeying its own guidelines, it was a craven move of corporate executives to avoid criticism of their bad corporate governance.


Friday, January 8, 2021

Cassandra Speaks


I watched Fox News spew editorial garbage fueling the politics of resentment of the right, and yet there is no way to demand equal time to point out the nearly insane hypocrisy and even stupidity of what they were saying. I watched Putin, that KGB homicidal maniac, talking about the failure of our government. I watched Trump spend an hour on national television lying about how the election was a fraud and incite his followers to attack Congress and illegally keep him in power. And yet Trump is still in power with control of the weaponry that could destroy the world in 30 minutes. This situation was coming for years and I have been like Cassandra crying in the wilderness for all the good I have done.

Monday, December 28, 2020


Did you notice that the internal security forces in Nashville had never heard what is arguably one of the more famous pop songs of a previous generation? Did you notice the police did not seem to understand or mention one possible reason for the song, which is at least plausibly as a motivational aid (think "Ride of the Valkyries").

And go down town.
Things will be great when you're
Down town.
No finer place for sure,
Down town.
Everything's waiting for you.

We have further information that Warner was a seeker of truth about the Lizard Conspiracy to control civilization.  This makes more sense now.

Monday, December 21, 2020

Sunday, December 20, 2020

Abominations of the Week December 20 2020

Too much bullshit in this world, we have to aggregate.  Wired magazine runs an article that says that an attack on the US by Russia is not an attack because ... wait for it ... espionage.  Stupid.  Republicans are attacking Jill Biden because she has a Dr prefix for her name but isnt an M.D.  Wow, are all republicans stupid.  Yes, republicans are stupid.  Facebook blocked me again but for good reason, I say Republicans should be shot, and they should be.  
I plan to leave this country, I am not interested in being here anymore.

Friday, December 18, 2020

How we Finance Education and the American Dream



You were the kind person to explain the reality of what an educational loan is when I was confused and the information finally got through the layers of self-deception and for that matter, the layers of belief that I was programmed to have. And the core of that belief was: if you want to go to school, there will be a way to pay for it. This of course is not true. What I want to talk about here is what this policy, this system of educational finance, implies about our country and its fundamental mythology.

There is a school of public policy that believes that we can build better systems for our people by understanding how the world works, how we serve justice, how we decide to tax or not tax, how we elect representatives, how we decide to subsidize certain industries, how we feed our people and look to see empirically and theoretically what impact those policies have. It is implicit to this philosophy that ultimately we can distinguish between better or worse policies even though we may not be wise enough to predict the implications up front. The law of unintended consequences continues to screw up our best laid plans. Its complicated out there in the real world. When things go bad sometimes it is because people are being evil, but usually they are just wrong. Or the context changed. Or maybe people were not thinking it through. I have a favorite example and it involves the fairness of our elections. Every Southerner is familiar with various schemes to disenfranchise people of color and people who are poor. We have been doing it for a long time and we are good at it. One way we do this is to finance the election infrastructure by county, not by state. Well its not a surprise to learn that some counties are richer than others and that furthermore wealth is correlated with race. Furthermore, it turns out that some of the budget systems are not as robust and have a higher percentage of either a misfire when a voter accidentally does not vote for their chosen candidate or when a ballot must be thrown out for technical reasons. And so it turns out that in a close election, this may be all you need to rig the game. That is the implication of the hanging chad, those chads did not hang at random. Those chads were associated with the cheaper and older voting systems in those predominantly black and poorer counties.

But my point is not about who won that election, or how that system came to be, my point is that we can not be blind to the implications of our system of financing election infrastructure, not after 2000. As a Southerner I was really annoyed. Fix the goddamn voting machines, I thought to myself. I am tired of hearing about it. Yes it will cost a little money, deal with it. How we chose to finance that part of our system of government turns out to have implications that are important. We may not be able to end racism or feed the hungry but at least in this case we can make our elections just a little more fair. We should do it.

How we pay for education in this country is a non trivial part of who has access to education and also to who has access to elite education. Because, in case you had not noticed, America is incredibly elitist. Its not that there arent a few exceptions who through merit or luck can transcend their origins, it can and does happen. But the odds are not great. I laugh when I hear that a justice is an "originalist" because I am from Virginia and in Virginia elections were always for the several hundred families, all intermarried, who were the equivalent of landed gentry, plus a few merchants and bankers and craftsmen if they were well liked. I am very fond of Virginia on a number of different levels and I am proud to be from there. The first rule of an elite who has power is to see to it that they maintain power for their class and set. Not everyone realizes that one reason the military is so important to a Southerner is because it is a recognized way to improve your lot in life, to pay for an education, to have a career if you were not born with one. In 21st century America things are different than they were in 18th century Chesapeake. Now you may need a Doctor of Philosophy just to have a good middle class life. And you may need to be a member of certain clubs to run for office even though there is nothing on paper that says you have to belong.

If the American dream is contingent on who can get an advanced degree, then how we pay for it is crucial. The only people who can get loans are people who dont need one is a fundamental philosophy of every loan officer. This is not a level playing field. I am disappointed, one more time, in the harsh reality of America so different from its promise.

Thank you again for your patience and your good will.

Saturday, December 5, 2020

State of American Politics December 5, 2020


I presume I dont have to tell you that the political situation is very bad, although I suppose it is somewhat better than before the election. The Democrats have to win the senate to avoid being destroyed by the Republicans, but they wont. Its possible, but its very unlikely. That means the Senate can block anything Biden tries to do that doesnt fit the executive order format and I dont think he has Trumps sheer willingness to fuck anything to get what he wants attitude. Since the American public is, to a large degree, pretty stupid, the Republicans will see to it that the economy sucks and frankly they have fucked things up so hard they dont have to do much. So, that means the midterms will be lost to the democrats and probably the presidential election as well. The post census redistricting in red states will be business as usual which means it is nearly impossible to regain the statehouses in those states and besides even if the democrats did it would not matter until the next census. McConnell will hold up any approvals for the judiciary, the supreme court will not be fixable, etc. Biden will absolutely pass on minimum justice for right wing criminals because he is one of those limp musnt annoy the nice Republican types. None of the problems will be fixed even if Democrats wanted to, which is not clear.

Other than AOC and a few people like Al Frankin I think the Democrats are in over their heads.

America's decline was always inevitable, Trump sped it up, maybe it will slow down a little bit because we wont have an obvious nut waving his little dick around.

When Biden fails to prosecute the rich and powerful for their crimes I will change my party affiliation from Democrat to Independent.

The only other good thing I can think of (other than Kamala Harris who is a character) is that we now know what we are dealing with in terms of racism and stupidity in the American people. That is not good news, but it is necessary to know these things, I think.

I am very disappointed!

Thursday, December 3, 2020

Should Trump Be Prosecuted for his Crimes?


Lawfareblog published an analysis of whether Biden would pick an attorney general that he was confident would not prosecute Trump, his family, or his associates without Biden having to order him or her not to.

I think this article is wrong headed on several points.  First, it neglects to mention how many Americans would conclude that our justice system is a joke and will never do the right thing in regards to the rich and powerful.  Second, it sets no precedent that in any way would restrain the Republicans (or anyone else) from evil deeds since they would know that there is no penalty for the worst of crimes.  Third, it neglects to discuss to what extent it would affect the Democratic party because of people, like myself, who would leave the party if Trump is not investigated at the least and prosecuted if the evidence warrants it.