Sunday, March 17, 2019

Global Climate Change?

Anyone else notice that the predictions for global climate disaster keep getting closer and closer. It used to be in the indefinite future, now its more like 2050. Well, 2050 is right around the corner. You and I may have kicked off but your kids are likely to still be here. And boy, are they going to be mad! Ha ha! Ooops!

Dear Google Maps!

Found the feedback button on google maps!  Yeah!

I was in Joshua Tree, CA during the recent blizzard and Google Maps INSISTED on taking me off the main road and down some side roads which were closed off and covered with snow. I got stuck and would have died if some local people were not there to help people get unstuck who had been sent there by Google Maps. I guess you guys are not too smart. Maybe you want to fix this, I dont know.

Google Maps took me "The Turnpike Roads" in Orange county on my way to Laguna Beach. Turnpike Roads tried to extort several hundred dollars from me because I used their toll road. FIX THIS RIGHT NOW. Do not take people down that road. If this happens again I will sue you assholes.

[Of course I will not really sue Google, but I wanted to indicate how mad I was at being forced to interact with the criminals at The Turnpike Roads.]

Planetarium in Santa Barbara


The Museum of Natural History has a planetarium!  And a 20" telescope in their observatory!
The Monseignor has said that I can spend 1 day a month outside my crypt helping them in the planetarium!

Contact Google Maps?


Does anyone know how to send feedback to Google Maps? In the last few months they have (a) tried to kill me and (b) worked with Republicans in Orange County to steal several hundred dollars. Is this deliberate or (more likely) just stupid programmers?

Friday, March 15, 2019

Three Test Images for the Dome in Arnold


One image made with a fisheye lens whose field of view is 180 degrees, one whose fov is 270 and one whose fov is 360.  The "Arnold" watermark is there because I have a demo / unlicensed copy.

These images were fast to compute and trivial to technical direct.

Special thanks to the nice people at Solid Angle for helping me out.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

Feral and Venom in Santa Barbara


I am walking to my local pharmacy, CVS.  I go in the back way, talking on my phone, as usual, in this case about superhero movies and stereoscopic conversion.  I say that some of these movies are too dark to be great in stereo and trying to think of an example, someone says "Venom".

She is working in the back of the store, attractive some would say, that is if you like hot, slender women with 1/2 " hair that has been bleached white, skintight jeans, ritual scarification, and excellent knowledge of the Marvel superhero cinema.

We agreed that the relationship in Venom between the antihero (youre a loser, eddie), the ex-girlfriend and the symbiont ("I like her."  "This may be the last chance you might have to apologize to her") is charming.

Her name is Feral.  She talks to me three different times while I am at the store.  I practically run away.  When was the last time I actually talked to a non-gender specific girl type person who I might ask out?  Long, long ago, in a different life.

I hope she works there, I might be able to see her again.

If I was in a playwriting class, I would write this up as a skit.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019

The Democrats Are Too Afraid


We are back at the same old issue. Democrats too afraid to take a stand on principle for fear of ... fear of ... fear of ... what? Rousing the Trump base? I have bad news for you, the Trump base is not only aroused, they are never NOT aroused. I like Nancy Pelosi, I am not too stupid to understand what she and Shumer (whose name I can never spell) are talking about. But my patience with these people is over. I expect the Democrats will nominate Biden, I expect that Biden can win over Trump. Who cares?

Yes, I know what is going on.  I know what Pelosi is thinking, and why it makes sense.  But I am a little broken issue on this issue.


Saturday, March 9, 2019

Steve Gano


A good friend recently passed away, unexpectedly.  Steve Gano was a graduate of the Media Lab and a mutual friend of dozens of people I know.  Very sad.  Very sudden and unexpected.  

Friday, March 8, 2019

Captain Marvel.... Dont Ask Dont Tell?


I am having a complicated (aka "meh") reaction to Captain Marvel.

On the positive side I should make it clear that the opening night audience in Santa Barbara had no reservations, they liked this movie. Second, this is certainly some sort of solid representation film with standout feminist and pro-cat sensibilities. But is it really that solid if we have a "dont ask dont tell" situation going on here?  A very strong cast, but to what end? I saw it all coming a mile away. Carol Danvers/Brie Larson is hot in her BDSM-inspired latex onesie, or whatever that was.

At the end of the day, this felt more like a classic movie for TV but repurposed for the big screen. I think it could have told a very similar story but been much stronger.

Notice that they carefully look away from each other... Oh no, we are not in the closet, not us!

But then I realized, after a day's thinking about it, that this is perfectly in period, It would be an anachronism for two gay women in the USAF to come out.  It would hurt their careers at the very least.  So of course they would be in the closet.  So in retrospect, this is an entertaining nuance.

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Corrupt American Justice System


The sentencing today of Manafort convinces me that our legal system is in denial about what is going on here.   The system failed again and there is very little chance that relying on a corrupt and failed system like ours will result in justice.  A black kid who steals food would be given more prison time than Manafort received.  

Dont these people understand what is going on?  No, I guess not.