Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Poor Little Rich Kid


There are so many things to hate about the Trump Administration and the corrupt Republicans that enable him, that it is hard to pick any one item to discuss.

But here is one for you.

Melania stayed in NY so that “Jumbo”, their 12 year old son, could stay in his fancy prep school, and Melania could stay away from her sexual abuser husband. Of course this was all very, very expensive because of security reasons and we picked up the tab. How much did it cost, hard to say. At least many millions of dollars.

So two things. First put the kid on a bus and enroll him in one of Washington's finest public schools for inner city (... black) schools. Let him enjoy what poor people enjoy in this country.

Second, let Trump reimburse us for this bullshit.

I dont find the privileges of the rich at all amusing anymore.

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