Monday, November 7, 2016

Hold Your Nose and Vote for Hillary ?

In our first ever presidential election since Global Wahrman came into existence, we have decided to hold our nose and vote for Hillary Clinton. Maybe.

Its true that HRC stands for so many things I despise, and that there would be no hope under an HRC administration of things getting better. Surely if you wanted an example of what the word "corporate whore" means, one should look no further than Ms. Clinton.  And if you want to see Globalization continue to crush Americans in order to give more money to the rich, HRC is your candidate.  She hates unions, she hates the poor, she hates the working classes.  

She is pretty much despicable in every possible way.

But we have the following reasons for voting for her and ultimately they have won out.

1. Bernie Sanders, who I adore, whether or not he would have made a good president, is working for her and has asked his supporters to vote for her, so in deference to him, I will.

2. Trump is an abomination and I have promised my overseas friends that I would do what I could to defeat him. Particularly those who have been fucked by the Brexit madness have requested this.

3. Even though my vote is meaningless as HRC will win CA easily, there is still the issue of the popular vote and I think that there is some validity to adding my pittance to the destruction of Trump.

4. Our enemies are gloating over the stupidity of this election and I hate that. Yes, even though our country's government has fucked its people as hard as it can in order to make more money for the rich, I have a residual self image of this being a great country once, and it irritates me that China is gloating over our self-inflicted stupidity.

If you dont believe me, the Guardian has an excellent article here.

5. The right wing thugs at the FBI have really pissed me off.

Since HRC will certainly win (editors note: oops!), I will go over in a later post the minimum that is required for her to have any credibility in my eyes.  Of course, HRC will not give a fuck what I or any other powerless American cares, so why bother?

It will make me feel better, that's why.

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