Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Is Princess Leia Channeling Hillary Clinton?

Carrie Fisher, a sex symbol of the cinema from an earlier era, has received some mighty unpleasant criticism about how she has matured since the original film came out in 1977. Well that is 40 years with a lot of mileage for Ms. Fisher who was after all a more intellectual, spunky kind of sex object.

But I have noticed that in her role as General Leia in the latest Star Wars film, she reminded me of another senior woman of politics. Yes, Hillary Clinton.

Is this coincidence, my own fantasy, the Force, the lattice of causality that underlies the apparent coincidences of the material world, or is it just saying something about the fashion of being a woman in power in early twenty-first century America?


  1. I noticed too, paused the movie and googled for it. Obviously Hollywood wants the public to grow accustomed to someone like granny Hillary at the role of the leader.

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