Thursday, March 3, 2016

Scientists Stunned as They Are Handed Supoenas as Part of DOJ Investigation

The World Economic Forum (21 Sept 2015) in Davos, Switzerland took an unexpected turn when US Marshalls from the Department of Justice issued supoenas to attending Computer Scientists as part of a larger investigation into alleged fraud at the very highest levels of Academia. The scientists had been attending the conference as part of an effort calling for a ban on the research and development of autonomous weapons.

Giddyup ya lazy war doggies !  Time to go kill !

A spokesman for the Department of Justice said that the government was finding it difficult to believe that scientists had been taking grants from the Department of Defense into Machine Intelligence and related fields without understanding what the research was for. “It seems to us that this is mighty late in the day to suddenly announce that they thought it was a bad idea to pursue this technology. What were they thinking when they took all that money for the last five decades?”

Scientists replied that they had no idea that when they did projects for the Department of Defense on Artificial Intelligence in the Combat Zone that it had anything to do with weapons.  "How could we possibly have guessed that was what on their mind?", asked one scientist.

Many scientists appeared stunned when supoenas were handed them as they left the session. One scientist was heard to mutter “Dont they know who we are?”

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