Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Google Chrome Now Works with Centos Linux

I have used Centos Linux for all my professional software development in the last five years or so and I have been very happy with it. For those who are sensitive to the different camps of Linux self-Balkanization, this is in the same lineage as Redhat and Fedora.  It is supposedly the most used variant of Linux for commercial and enterprise-related activities.

But one problem with it is that it was very difficult to get Google Chrome to run under Centos even though it seemed to work fine with Ubuntu.

Anyway, this has been fixed, and it is necessary to run a script which has been created by Richard Lloyd, and you may read about the situation and the fix here.

This is known to work under Centos 6.5 which is the version I am running.

Thank you, Mr. Lloyd.

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