Monday, September 30, 2013

Coming up Shortly on Global Wahrman

The following topics are all being written in parallel (I dont recommend that strategy) and will hopefully show up on Global Wahrman in the next two weeks.

A. The keynote speech at SIGGRAPH and why I did not attend.

B. Living in Los Angeles in the 1980s and attending many courses at UCLA Extension and the American Film Institute.

C. Should I run a write in campaign for the Executive Committee of SIGGRAPH?

D. Essays on debugging lighting procedures for webgl

E Essays on J Walt Adamczyk and his live dome performance work as well as his exhortation to animators at SIGGRAPH

F. A post on artist Manfred Mohr who was honored this year at SIGGRAPH.

G. Death of a Synthetic Character

H. Working in the Slave Pits of the Rich

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