Sunday, July 7, 2013

Where Will The Poor Go to Get Their Daily News Fix ?

As a member of the poverty stricken lower classes, I am not considered eligible to read the news of the great elite online news media. The NY Times, the Washington Post, The Wall Street Journal, they all permit scum like me to see a few articles a month and then we are cut off unless we pony up the big bucks. Well, ladies and gentlemen of the press, when you are on food stamps, its hard to see putting out $200-400 US per year for the NY Times, or $180 per year for the Washington Post Digital Edition, or the $275 per year for the Wall Street Journal Digital Edition.

This move to charging for Internet services greatly impacts my ability to waste time while "educating myself on the issues".

Furthermore, it removes another element of sheer time-wasting pleasure, reading the insane and fury-filled comments of the various factions on one side or another on the issues.
America supports coup ! America doesnt support coup ! America destroys freedom ! America doesnt destroy freedom ! Obama plans to force all Americans to turn in their guns and get health insurance ! Illuminati works with Jews to control media ! Online commenters throw foul insults at each other !   Proof that God exists !  Proof that God never existed !   Snarl !  Scream !  Take that ! And that !  Ouch !  You scum !  How dare you !
I am cut off from my sources of entertainment, or is that infotainment, and am forced to slink around to second rate newspapers like the LA Times in order to get my comment fix. Let me tell you right now, the comments on the LA Times are no where near as erudite or interesting or even insane as the ones on the Washington Post web site. They are far down the list.

It sucks to be poor. You can't even waste time on the Internet the way you used to be able to.

From bad to worst, the fate of the poor in America continues to sink into the morass.  They take away our comments, how much more can the poor take before they rise up in armed rebellion?

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