Friday, March 1, 2013

200 Motels (1971) on Youtube and Administrative Notes

[I just got back on the internet after 36 hours for failing to pay my 30.89 $US to the rich conglomerate that owns my access to the world.  Thanks to my many friends who are lending me money to get me through this insanely excruciating period.   I am for similar reasons going to be off my meds for the next few weeks, see if you can tell the difference!  I certainly can.  ]

[This post is being written in place, online, today and will become more detailed as the day goes by].

My friend Steve Speer has pointed out to me an immense and under recognized cultural resource, Frank Zappa's 200 Motels (1971).

It is very low quality youtube, which is what I would expect, and it has subtitles, whatever that means in this case.   Low quality Youtube is an abomination but we are lucky to have this work of genius in any form so we have to put up with it.

See it at:

Frank Zappa was the acknowledged genius of the generation before my own, the man we recognized as having the sense of humor and talent and accomplishment that we all wanted.   1971 was the year I went away to college and I remember listening to Zappa albums over and over again as a freshman in my dorm.

The IMDB page for 200 Motels is at:

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